General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

Rico DeOliveira
+1 856 904-4195
General Information:
Commission Requests:

Payment Types

We accept the following forms of payment:





Other payments types:
Google Wallet, Money Orders, Personal Checks.

Shipping Costs

All artwork is shipped by the United States Postal Service Priority Mail.

United States Locations

  • $10 USD for the first piece
  • $1 USD for each additional piece

International Locations

  • $30USD for the first piece
  • $1 USD for each additional piece

Note: Insurance is additional, but highly recommended

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I talk directly with the Artist to discuss my commission request?

No, we represent the artists and assure the commissions quality and services. Our service is to provide our clients satisfaction. In order to accomplish this quality we must always be the interface between client and artist. Of course all comments will be forwarded to the artist and all responses from the artists will be forwarded to the client.

2. How long does it usually take for my commission to be completed and I receive it?

After payment is made, it I’ll take approximately 2-4 weeks for you to receive your commission. If for any reason your commission may be longer, we will let you know.

3. Is there anything that I cannot request the Artist to draw for me?

No, Our artists are available and competent to draw everything to the best of their ability including nudes or other ideas you may come up with. If still not certain, please email us.

4. Can I get a couple thumbnails to decide which one I want before the artist starts doing the full size drawing?

Yes, before the artist starts on the full size piece, the artist will draw you some sketches. This way you choose one that you like best or is the closest to your request idea.

5. Can I get a picture drawn that is another size other than 11 x 17?

Yes, Please send your request and your commission will be quoted depending on size and content.

6. Do I have to get permission to post this artwork on my website?

Yes, We only ask that you may refer to the artist and to our website on your post.

7. Can I return it if I do not like it?

No, There are no refunds on Commissioned pieces. This is why we do some thumbnail drawings for you to review before we start on the actual commission

8. Why are you showing my commission artwork on your site?

The artists of Rico Arts reserve the right to use the images of any commissions they create for any future purpose.

9. Why does the art I receive look different from what I saw on the computer screen?

Scans of art may appear slightly different to the original you have received depending on your monitor settings.

10. How do I contact you if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact me at Rico Arts and I will answer any further questions that you have.